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The Airflow® Tooth Polishing system uses air pressure, water and fine powder to allow the hygienist to clean your teeth thoroughly.

Why is Airflow® better than other methods?

Airflow® doesn’t rely on scrapers, scalers or picks to clean the plaque from your teeth and gums. Airflow® uses a special tooth-cleaning powder mixed with water. The air pressure means the hygienist, or dentist, can reach areas that are difficult to brush thoroughly at home. The jets of water used can remove surface stains and surface-level bacteria from gums and teeth.

What about sensitive teeth?

Airflow® works very well for people with sensitive teeth. The water flow doesn’t irritate your gums or the teeth. The hygienist does not have to scrape or use any instruments to remove build-up.

Will it harm veneers or crowns?

You can safely use Airflow® to clean veneers, crowns, or any type of prosthetic tooth or implant.

Can Airflow® remove tobacco stains?

Airflow® removes surface tobacco stains. For ingrained stains, you will need professional tooth-whitening treatments.

Are there any other advantages to Airflow®?

Airflow® can reduce tooth sensitivity, encourages remineralisation of your tooth enamel, and can also help bonding materials used in dental restorations to adhere to the teeth.

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