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If you are missing several teeth or perhaps all of your teeth, dentures provide a great solution to give you your smile back and prevent your facial features from sagging and distorting.

Dentures can restore the natural function of your teeth.

How are dentures made?

A dental lab, using measurements and impressions taken by your dentist, will create a set of dentures tailored to you. Most dentures have a gum-coloured acrylic base, with wire clasps that attach to your remaining teeth. They are comprised of an upper and lower base, held in place with a dental adhesive.

How realistic do dentures look?

Dentures look very realistic. You can even have dentures made with slight imperfections and a darker shade of white, so they look like natural teeth.

Will my dentures work like my natural teeth?

Your dentures are custom-made, so they’ll be a perfect fit for your teeth. The design most closely matches that of a natural set of teeth, enabling you to chew normally.

Do dentures require special care?

You must clean your dentures daily, ideally after each meal, using a toothbrush and a special denture-cleaning powder. Just like real teeth, dentures can accumulate food particles and grow bacteria. When you go to bed, you must soak your dentures in a special anti-bacterial cleaning solution.

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